• The IPC project currently uses the internet platform HAIKU learning:

    Haiku learning is a free, variable learning platform providing group management, chat forums, file upload, grading and lesson planning. However, there are some flaws in regard to the IPC project’s needs. Desire in the long term would be the development of a platform adapted to the IPC requirements.

  • In the IPC project the professors of each country collaborate and coach students groups.

  • In several countries there are student tutors for supporting the participating students.

  • Incentives: A problem is still that the number of credits students can gain at the single universities is varying. A few partner universities still need to work on integrating the IPC project into the curriculum that students can be graded and credited.

  • Timelines and schedule: The required time for the IPC project depends on the chosen format: a full semester, 12 weeks in fall term or a 4-week project in fall or summer.

  • The different language skills in English can turn out as a problem. In case of students with less English language practice we refer to the IPC Basic or the IPC InClass. The IPC Research is the most ambitious format of the IPC project and requires solid English language skills.

  • We are lucky to offer study trips for the students from time to time that students can have common presentations of their results with their mates of the partner universities.



Eichstaett/Munich 2013


Sofia (Bulgaria) 2014



Granada (Spain) 2015