The following posters show students’ presentations of different topics in the IPC Research and the IPC InClass. 

Previous topics of the IPC Research:

  • How do elementary school students experience homework?
  • What do students think about the role of their parents related to school?
  • What do students think of rules and rituals?
  • How do students with special needs experience school?
  • How do students experience school based music instruction?

The following posters present and resume some of the student’s results:


International Project (IPC) - Fall 2014
International Research with children: What are your experiences with homework? 

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Elementary Aged Children's Participation in School-Based Music Instruction

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A previous topic of the IPC InClass has been  the professionalization of teachers. Students worked on the following topic:
What skills and characteristics must you have to be a good teacher? What is your own experience with children, with teachers, personal strengths and possible improvements. The students also had to find and discuss research results related to good teaching. They summarized their findings on the following poster:

What skills an characteristics must you have to be a good teacher?

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