Evaluation of the IPC project

We use the MyCap Survey to find out about changes in the students’ cultural awareness and developed an online survey to evaluate the didactical concept of the IPC Research project. A tool for the evaluation of the Classroom IPC is tested at the moment. An evaluation tool for the IPC Basic will be developed in the DAAD project 2016/2017 by the German and Japanese colleagues.

My Cultural Awareness Profile (MyCAP), e.g.:

  • Knowledgeable about global and international issues
  • Read or watch international newspapers, TV & / or movies
  • Globalization has/has not directly impacted my life
  • Hard to see similarities or differences in various cultures
  • I am not very familiar with a culture group other than my own

Download PDF My Cultural Awareness Profile (myCAP)


Online Surveys since 2008 about experiences with the IPC project:

  • E.g. content, learning activities, time management, coaching and support, course structure, group collaboration.


For results please refer to publications.