Didactical Formats and Variations of the IPC

IPC Research – Research-Oriented Learning: Learning through research projects

  • Students carry out small research projects in international groups and compare the results
  • Topics: given or chosen by the students within the curriculum
  • More or less pre-structured (regarding research topics, readings, tasks, work plan, time frame etc.) and allowing proactivity and autonomy in the learning process
  • Using basic empirical methodology (e.g. interviews, surveys or case studies with children, teachers, parents)



  • Startup meeting at local universities
  • Creating an account for the internet platform; getting familiar with it
  • Readings on the topic; basic introduction to research methods
  • Getting into contact with schools, teachers, parents, students
  • Formulating a research question and discussing the methodology in the group
  • Drafting a manual and creating the time schedule for the project
  • Planning and preparing data collection
  • Data collection at schools etc.
  • Data evaluation in the single countries
  • Comparison of the national results
  • Creating  a common presentation of the results (poster or PPP)