Didactical Formats and Variations of the IPC

Classroom IPC – Hand-on Learning: Learning through praxis projects at school

  • Transfers the IPC concept into schools: students of two countries prepare a teaching project for school classes
  • Objective: initiate the contact, communication and common learning with a partner class of another country
  • Communication and project planning online (internet platform) with the international partners
  • Teaching experience: working with the students in a class


  • Finding a partner class in the own country
  • Online meeting with the international partners
  • Choosing and agreeing on a topic for the teaching project
  • Planning the teaching project with the international partners online (considering language skills, curricula, equipment)
  • Realization of the teaching project with school students: integration into the class schedule by agreement with the class teacher  
  • Online meetings of the international partners for coordination
  • Documentation of the results
  • Evalution and reflection of the project with the international partners online