Constructivist Understanding of Learning

The IPC concept is based on a constructive understanding of learning, i.e. collecting information independently and constructing knowledge in a communicative process as far as possible. Moreover, the enhancement of project skills is very important. Besides developing one self’s initiative, the ability to work in a team and the willingness to communicate in a group is required. While coordinating their projects and working in teams, the students are confronted with several situations asking for persistence and frustration tolerance. In the context of group-dynamic processes, students have to take their position in a team. Reflection and evaluation about these circumstances and about the gained strategies  prepare the students for future job-related projects. These processes can’t be thought theoretically, they need to be experienced.

Elements of a constructivist understanding of learning which apply to the IPC project:

  • Subjective and biographic development: self experience and self development in an individual and professional perspective;
  • Interaction: Coping with familiar and unknown situations, referring to the given conditions, interacting with the environment and with individuals in different contexts (online, face-to-face, at schools and in other pedagogical environments depending on the topics);
  • Communication and cooperation: Participation in working groups as temporal communities and experience with managing social relations in an intercultural context; carrying out common projects and working on common tasks requiring motivation, engagement and endurance;
  • Experience and reflection: Learning needs the process of (inter)acting and exploring as well as phases of reflection and reviewing of the learning results.